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Are You a Creative Person?

Are you a creative person who just hasn't been able to "pull the trigger" on starting a project?

Do You Have a Passion Project?

Do you have a "passion project" that you Just. Can't. Get. Financed?

Are You Waiting?

Are you waiting for someone... anyone... to help you get started?

Does This Sound Like You?

If any of these things are true, then you definitely need this workshop. I was right where you are not too long ago and I can say from my own experience (and my clients') that there is a way to get started and actually shoot a feature (or a short or web series) IN ONE WEEKEND which will open creative doors for you that right now are closed. I can't wait to share what I know with you!

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In This 2-Day Workshop You'll Learn
Day 1


Producing on a budget -- how to get things for FREE or next to it!


Pre-production logistics, including insurance, permits, gear, crafty and casting

SAG/AFTRA Contracts

The ins and outs of the various SAG/AFTRA contracts and which one is right for you

In This 2-Day Workshop You'll Learn
Day 1

Working with Actors

Working with actors: the do's and don'ts

The 10 Shots

The 10 basic shots every Director should have in their toolbox, what they communicate and when to use them

The "Secret" Shot

The "secret" shot that tells you what the scene is all about without saying a word -- this is the shot they didn't teach me in film school but will make YOU look like a pro

In This 2-Day Workshop You'll Learn
Day 2

Story Structure

The basics of story structure every project needs to have

The 9-Beats

The 9 beats every story should hit (feature or short)

Second Act Secrets

Second Act "secrets" -- the "Try/Fail" Method

In This 2-Day Workshop You'll Learn
Day 2

How to Outline

How to outline your project to make it easier to write and shoot

Cliche-Busting Formula

The Cliche-Busting Formula to make your project fresh

Outline YOUR Project

Brainstorm and Outline YOUR PROJECT -- the last half of the second day will be devoted to brainstorming and outlining each participants project -- you walk out of class ready to shoot

Class Size Limited to 6
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Who am I?

Hi. I'm Kathi Carey and I was very much like you not so long ago. I had ideas and projects and wanted to be creative and making films and I just didn't know how to start. It all seemed so complicated and expensive and where was I going to find an investor to put in the money?

Well, I'm here to tell you that you don't need to go to film school and you don't need investors with deep pockets in order to make your projects... you just need a plan and I'm here to help you make that plan. I've done this many, many times (successfully, I might add) and I can walk you through the entire process, soup to nuts, in one weekend, so that you can go out there and make your project the next weekend. That's right. You can easily do it that fast. Or, if you prefer, you can take a little more time. But either way I want you to walk out of my workshop with everything you need so that you can make your project. 

Are you ready to change your life? Then let's go!!

All This Included in the 2-Day Weekend:

The following and more is included in the 2-Day Weekend Plus access to a full resource library:
CAST YOURSELF: The Actor's Guide to Self-Producing
A copy of Kathi's book, CAST YOURSELF: The Actor's Guide to Self-Producing ($30 value)
Cliche-Busting Formula
Tip sheet detailing the Cliche-busting formula to make your writing fresh!
Story Structure with 9 Story Beats
Resource Guide to Story Structure with details outlining the 9 Story Beats
How to Screen and Hire all the Pros You'll Need
Resource Guide to the different "jobs" on set and in post production and how to screen and hire these invaluable people (even if they're not quite the pros you can afford just yet)
Personalized Screening List
Tailored Screening List of micro-budget projects for inspiration
Sample Contracts and Production Sheets
Sample Crew Contracts and Sample Call Sheets
How to Write a Scene
A Handout detailing eight actionable steps to write great scenes every time.
2 Days of Catered Lunch and Snacks
Catered lunch and snacks -- 2 days, $100 value. The two days are being catered by my legendary husband, Davetheeditor. Known for his awesome catering and crafty on my sets, he's one of the BIG reasons my casts and crews return time and again to work with me. Dietary restrictions will be accommodated
Hands-on Coaching and Brainstorming with Kathi
Hands-on, individual coaching from Kathi to put together a workable, shooting outline of your individual project to use to shoot your OWN project ($8,000 value)

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Class Size Limited to 6

Kathi Carey is an award-winning writer/producer/director whose films have won over 50 awards. She has navigated the process of both the Emmy FYC and the Academy Awards and wrote a book about all of it: CAST YOURSELF: The Actor's Guide to Self-Producing. She now teaches a weekend workshop designed to help actors, writers and directors like herself who want to jump-start their careers. Her passion is making movies and helping others do the same.

Nick H. at the Sundance Film Festival promoting the film written, produced and directed for him by Kathi.


Sasha C. with Kathi at WorldFest, Houston. Kathi directed and produced the film that Sasha wrote. Kathi brought the film the she wrote, produced and directed for Nick H. to the same festival. Each film won the top award (Platinum) for their category.


What others have to say about working with Kathi
"I spilled out a stream of semi-coherent ideas for a film we wanted to make. Kathi took the jumble of ideas and on the spot wove them into a story outline for us that was SO perfect, I think my jaw was hanging open. I definitely remember chills running down my spine. It was one of those profound moments of recognizing 'something great just happened here."
– Rachel H.
"Kathi is a writer who is able to take the straw that is your very rough, very vague idea and spin it into storytelling gold. As a director her phenomenal creativity, her unerring eye and artistic instinct and experience as an actor herself informs everything she does. As a producer she is a veritable master at organization and logistics. In short: she is the person you want by your side on any project!"
– Bettina K.
"I think Kathi is the female Steven Spielberg."
– Hunter Todd, 
   Festival Director,       WorldFest Houston

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Class Size Limited to 6


If you're not quite ready to jump into a full weekend with me, click the link below to sample some of our FREE resources. Then remember this quote from Napoleon Hill: “Do not wait: the time will never be 'just right'. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”
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